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Privacy Notice

Welcome to the site ! We have visitors this privacy statement on the promise of privacy . I got the following text open for information collection and usage . Site privacy statement is improving , with the expansion of the scope of services I stand , we will update our privacy statement . We welcome you at any time to view the state .
In the agreed site service agreements ( the "Agreement" ) at the time , you have agreed in accordance with this privacy statement to our use and disclosure of your personal information. All the terms of this Privacy Policy is a part of the agreement .
Third Party

We will not provide to any third party , sell, rent , share and transaction user's personal information , unless the third party and the Baby Island sites and users work together to provide services and the service has been banned after the end of its previously able to access include access to all such information. When we are forced by law or in accordance with the government asked to provide your information we will disclose your information in good faith .
User name and password

When you plan to register as a user, we ask you to choose a user name and password, but also provide a password hint question and answer so that you have lost your password , we can confirm your identity. You can only use your password to your account . If you leak the password , you may lose your personally identifiable information, and may lead to judicial action against you . Therefore , regardless of any reasons why your password security has been compromised , you should immediately get in touch with us .
Your transaction behavior

We track the IP address just to secure necessary . If we did not find any security issues , we will promptly delete the information we collect IP addresses. We also track the day 's pages to access the data . All-day access to the data page is used to reflect the site 's traffic , first, that we can plan for future development ( for example , increase the server ) .

Our site has the appropriate security measures to ensure that the information in our possession is not lost, will not be abused or altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and user password encryption . Even though we have these security measures, but please note that does not exist on the Internet , " perfect security ."
Registration Information

When you register as a user , we ask you to fill out a registry. Registry asked to provide your real name, address , nationality , telephone number, and email address. If you are a corporate customer, you are also required to provide your company's address , telephone number and your company's services and products, a brief description. You also have the option to fill out additional information. This information may include your company provinces and cities, time zones and postal code , fax number, home and your office. We use registration information to get the user 's statistics. We will use these statistics to give our categories of users, so that a targeted manner to our customers new services . We will use your email address to notify you of these new services.
Contact Us

If you love this privacy statement or the privacy practices of infant and island as well as your issues in the use of any comments and suggestions please contact us.

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